On 22nd November 2016 our class from seminar of SVS went to the regional court in Pilsen. There was a process with a man who sexually abused young children.

When we stepped in the building, it was our duty to pass through the metal detector. The visitors aren't allowed to have a gun or a weapon. Then we could go to the judiciary room. It was very small, we expected big room like we know from movies.

We sat just behind the culprit. The accursed man looked very strange, his hands were locked in handcuffs and he was accompanied by two policemen.

The process started. The offender wasn't seemed to be extremely clever, but it was only his mask, because he has really high IQ, like the judge said. He was trying to show his innocence all the time. He tried to pretend to be fool and that he believes in God, but he lied and gradually got lost in his answers. It was kinda game with the judge.

Our class left after two hours so we don't know how the judgement was, but we hope he will be arrested for very long time. It was really interesting experience for all of us.

Lucie Steinerová, Sylvie Krystlová, 4. A