Four classes, one camp, eight teachers, bikes and kayaks… That was, how I call it, Nový Řadov Survivor.

We stayed in a nice small camp in huts for eight or four people. The accommodation was corresponding with the price, everything was clean and the food was all right.

Moreover, there was hot water in the shower bath, which I really appreciated. The only thing I was missing there, was probably some wall plug either for phones or hairdryer.

Concerning the sport activities, I really like the kayaks. It was great experience and it was something new for me. I didn´t like the cycling so much, because we were not divided into three groups. So even the „slow ones“ including me had to ride quite quickly. That caused the unpleasant situation when the quick ones had to wait for the slower group and they were bored and „snails“ didn´t have any rest at all. That´s why I did not enjoy it, especially the amazing views.

Last but not least. The communication with other classes… I feel like there was not enough free time for socialisation across the year. We were also really exhausted I even had a „muscular fever“ so maybe next time they should think more about not well trained students and add more relax.
On the other hand, I really love the campfire and singing just the same as „orientation night run“. The last reminder for some of the teachers is that as „septima“ felt a little bit disadvatagged because there was some bias towards the others. I hope that this will be better next year.

Štěpánka Havlová, septima A