With a smile on our faces, a bag holding in our hands and bikes holding with our feet or even mouth we got on a bus and were driven to Nový Řadov. Having gotten of the vehicle most of the smiles got frozen.

However, the initial shock didn´t stop most of us from being excited about the bike or walk trips to the for example beautiful and picturesque city of Třeboň or dancing and singing in front of our very small rooms, where not really eight people could have been together at once.
Although it was said by my classmates that the camp was a living memory of Dachau, the food was terrible and we were doing sports all the time, which most of us still found something at Nový Řadov to be excited from.

On this basis, I can conclude that many students weren´t satisfied. I, personally, wasn´t disappointed as I wasn´t expecting much even though I was doing sports so hard I collapsed. It was definitely a pleasant and relaxing experience

Bára Šandová, septima A